Jodi Lee Bourke
Residential Co-Principal

Real Estate has always been one of my passions along with my children. I have watched my husband Jamie, close many property deals for vast price ranges and am now by his side in the business.

First and foremost you need your agent to have the skills, professionalism and resources to get the job done effectively and successfully. Secondly we all would like to actually enjoy working with our chosen agent and for them to make the experience a happy one.

Over the 20 past years I have taken pride in the fact that I always go above and beyond for my clients to ensure that that achieve their desired outcomes. Relationship building and negotiating skills have always come naturally to me which has been a cornerstone of success with clients. My passion for helping people and seeing them achieve their goal has always driven me to succeed in my business endeavours. No matter what the target or business goal, I have always managed to exceed all expectations and set new records of success.

When it comes to real estate its more often a marathon rather than a sprint to achieve the best outcome. My personal drive for high levels of fitness has given me the edge over the competition in mental toughness and having the high energy levels required to run and maintain a successful sales campaign.

Whether its a home or investment, we all want to make the best choices for our family. Being a loving wife and mother, I can completely understand/empathise with the emotional journey/rollercoster that we all go on when buying and selling property. Caring, understanding empathy and patience are all key attributes that I bring to all my relationships with clients ensuring that it is always about the clients own situation and circumstance.

It is my depth of experience, network connections professional work ethic that will get the job, but its my friendly caring outgoing nature that will make your experience and happy and memorable one.

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